Gamer Resolutions to Start 2018 Off Right

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Another year is here, and with many thinking about what the new year might hold, there is always time to think about what it means for gaming. Gaming is a big part of our lives, and focusing on some key resolutions is useful in making the most of our gaming experience.

There are some incredible games set to come out this year, and we want to help you get ready to experience them. These resolutions will help you achieve gaming paradise this year. 


Try New Genres

It can be really easy to play the same kind of games over and over again, especially if you're particularly skilled or comfortable with a certain genre. However, this does mean you're seriously missing out on some amazing games out there. You can build your repertoire while also doing the thing you love the most -- GAMING!

If a certain genre seriously doesn't appeal to you, then don't play those games. But if there has been something you have really wanted to play but didn't because you're not used to the genre, then go for it! 

Learn Something New

Video games can teach us a lot of things if we care to listen. Learning and developing are part of being a human being, so why not learn while you're doing something you love? Games like Assassin's Creed or the Civilization series can teach you about different periods in history. Whatever interests you, find a game that'll help you learn. 

For example, I am incredibly excited about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and because of this, I decided to look deeper into medieval Bohemia. Games can inspire us in many ways, and learning is certainly one of them. 


Game With More People

Gaming by yourself is fun, and you don't get frustrated with people when they aren't doing it your way. But gaming can also be a great way to bring you and your friends together. One of the best memories I have is of a Super Smash Bros. party where we all took the controller in turns to play. Everyone got involved and created some incredible memories.

Alternatively, hop online a bit more to feel like you're in a team. We all know it is not sunshine and roses when you play online, but having that interaction with people can really help shake things up. 

Search for Interesting Titles

Sometimes looking for something that is slightly more underground can be really satisfying, especially if you found that game all by yourself and had an amazing experience. There are some real gems hidden in the gaming community that are just waiting to be found. 

Perhaps search for a game you like and see what other results come up. Or go completely left field and find something entirely different. Either way, you'll have a gaming experience unlike anything else. 


Revisit Your Favorites

Trying new things is fun, and with so many games out there, you will never run out of possibilities. Sometimes, though, it is good not to forget those games that you just can't resist playing over and over again. If you couldn't tell from the artwork above, mine is Crusader Kings

Your favorite games are the ones that really pushed forward your gaming interest, so why not give them the love they deserve? 

Those are our gamer resolutions for this year, and I know I plan to stick to them the best I can. At the end of the day, gaming is fun, and it brings us all together. It is a perfect way to kick off the new year.

Are you going to keep to any of these resolutions? Do you have any gaming resolutions of your own? Let us know in the comments below. 

Published Dec. 18th 2017



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