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Darktide Rejects Unite Content Drop Happening Monday

Darktide is finally getting a content update after a long dry spell.

It’s been some time, fellow rejects, since Warhammer 40K: Darktide got any sort of substantial content drop! All the predictions were that it wouldn’t be seeing the first big content drop until summer were wrong: it’s coming three days before summer, on Monday, May 29.

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The past few months have been a hard time for fans of the 40K co-op shooter, with developer Fatshark focusing on bugfixes and quality-of-life changes over content. If you played it extensively soon after last year’s release, you probably understand why. Between the old gear acquirement and shop systems and the pile of bugs plaguing every aspect of the game, there was no question that Darktide needed help.

Well, it got help. Darktide got six months of help from Fatshark. Its crafting system has been fully operational for a little while now, and the gear treadmill has been tweaked to feel far more rewarding, not to mention the additional weapons trickling in over the past few months. Tons of bugs have been squashed over this time, too, and the Aquila shop (rightfully) left without updates.. until this coming Monday. Click through since it’s age-gated.

Come Monday, Darktide will be finally receiving a content update, including two new missions, the new cosmetic Penance system with new earnable cosmetics, a new monstrosity Chaos Spawn, and the Aquila shop will finally be updated. Did I mention we’re finally getting our first community event with unique rewards? Nope, I didn’t. But we are, and I could not be more excited!

Most exciting is, of course, the new missions. Darktide has sorely needed new content, that being the sole reason I put it down a few months ago, a bit past the 300-hours logged mark. Those with less of a stomach for repetitive grinding quit far sooner, and they’re far more numerous than the more hardcore Damnation-farming players. Darktide has needed new blood for a long time now, and the upcoming Rejects Unite update will hopefully bring just that. We’ve got a handful of Darktide guides here on GameSkinny from around release, and more to come with the coming update.

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