Pokemon Announces Next TCG Set: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet — 151

Pokemon is bringing back the original 151 that started it all.

With the release of Paldea Evolved and the upcoming launch of Obsidian Flames, The Pokemon Company continues to stoke the fire with the latest addition to the Scarlet and Violet TCG Series. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet —151 will feature all original 151 Pokemon in a variety of products. Here are the details on the set, which is set to release on September 22.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet — 151 will reimagine the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region. Set in Paldea, this set will frame the iconic Pokemon that kick-started the craze in a new way. The full set will contain over 160 cards, including 10 new Trainer cards and 12 Pokemon ex cards. There will also be three golden hyper rare etched cards, special rare illustration cards, and full arts. New in this set, a single artist will handle all the cards for a single evolutionary line, keeping the style consistent throughout.

There will be a variety of ways to get the set into your hands. There’s the Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box, which is already listed as sold out on the site, the Binder Collection, a Mew-themed Booster Bundle, and the Ultra-Premium Collection. Mini Tin collections featuring Arcanine, Gengar, Dragonite, and Electabuzz will be available, as well.

Some of the special products for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet — 151 include a stitched edge Mew playmat, a two-sided poster featuring the original 151 (which I had growing up), a Snorlax rare-style promo card, and more. If you’ve been a fan from the start, or just love the original Pokemon, this is a great set for you to collect. Stay tuned as cards from the set are announced.

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