Vampire Survivors Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed, New Co-Op Mode Confirmed

Vampire Survivors is coming to the Nintendo Switch with a new mode.

Vampire Survivors Nintendo Switch
Image via Poncle

The addicting gameplay loop of Vampire Survivors by poncle is at long last making its way to the Nintendo Switch this summer. The port will release on August 17, as announced during the June Nintendo Direct, something sure to delight the fanbase waiting to get it on the Big N’s hybrid console.

The vampire bullet hell is perfectly suited for the Switch and will add a four-player couch co-op option, giving you the option to survive with your comrades for the very first time. The longer you survive, the more challenging it gets in Vampire Survivors, so it’s awesome to see the addition of co-op gameplay.

Vampire Survivors has had great success on every platform, having released on PC, Xbox One, and Series X (sorry PlayStation players). Its current handheld options mobile iOS and Android devices, as well as the Steam Deck. While there aren’t any actual vampires in Vampire Survivors, the roguelike features a number of other recognizable monsters trying to swarm you in increasingly difficult stages. You’ll start with only a handful of combat options, but unique upgrades unlock as you play and complete more areas.

Vampire Survivors was originally released on PC on October 20, 2022, and has already received two DLC packs in Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of Foscari. There’s currently no information about the DLC coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we’ll stay hopeful that it’s in the works with the arrival of the base game.

Stay tuned for more on Vampire Survivors and head over to our guides hub for tips and tricks on the game. You can wishlist Vampire Survivors on the Eshop.

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