The Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit Experience

Here's a quick look into my experience at Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit.

Over this past weekend I was lucky enough to take a trip to Michigan for Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit. This was my first experience going to a Red Bull event and I was completely blown away. The venue was outstanding, the staff was very polite, and I was constantly surrounded by friends, players, and casters.

When first walking to the event, I was greeted by security and a fleet of Red Bull Mini Coopers. However, once I entered the building, the real excitement began. Check in tables, merchandise area, and a table to get autographs filled the lobby.

Inside the actual event area, I could see that Red Bull knows exactly how to throw a Starcraft 2 tournament. Lighting along the walls, signs everywhere, and even a fog machine to give the entire area a nice ambience.

The venue itself had a stage in the back, but they chose to put the players right in front of the audience, which I thought was a great touch. It made the event feel more personal as the audience was right there with the players.

If sitting in the plentiful rows of seating wasn't your style, they also had a full bar in the back with the selection of Red Bull energy drinks one would expect. With the ground being elevated in the back in the bar area, it made for a great opportunity to stand with your drink and continue to watch the games without blocking someone's view.

Overall it was a very exciting event and now I look forward to attending the Red Bull Battlegrounds Finals in Washington, DC.

For a full recap of the recap of the final matches check out all the information here.

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Published Aug. 25th 2014

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