Gamer Gift Guide: Custom Handmade Merchandise

Bags, Wallets, and 3DS Cases: Part 1

Where to Buy: BlueRobotto on Etsy and

Store Rating: 5/5 stars (324 reviews)

Price: $13 for wallets, $17 for 3DS cases, and $45 to $50 for bags

Bonus: This same shop offers Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon pin and brooch sets that range from $5 to $18. You can dress up old bags if your gamer doesn't need a new one!

From messenger bags to duffels to lunchboxes to 3DS cases, Doug Berdu's BlueRobotto shop has everything your gamer needs, no matter their gender or age. Themes include:

  • Pokemon
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Animal Crossing
  • Video game controllers
  • Splatoon

Added Suggestion: Here you could combine the patch gift idea with a new bag to give a gamer something that plays off multiple interests while demonstrating your wonderfully thoughtful capabilities.

Bags, Wallets, and 3DS Cases: Part 2

Honorable Mention: SpeakGeek on Etsy

Cost: $25 and $32 for Wii U gamepad covers, $32 and $34 for 3DS XL covers

This shop comes up again later, but I thought it was worth a mention in this category as well. SpeakGeek offers very console-specific bags or covers for the Nintendo fan. Themes include:

  • Pikmin
  • Animal Crossing
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Mario
  • Pokemon
Published Nov. 9th 2015

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