Dragon Quest Heroes II Promises Big Battles, Bigger Fighters

New screenshots from Dragon Quest II feature giant characters in battle, fighting with and against you.

Square Enix's Dragon Quest Heroes was an action-packed nostalgia bomb for longtime fans of the JRPG franchise. For the upcoming sequel, Square Enix hopes to improve on the core gameplay that drew fans in. New screenshots of Dragon Quest Heroes II released in Famitsu show the return of giant enemies, with a fun new twist: now players will get their own giant monster to wreak havoc on the battlefield. When giant enemies appear, players can fight back with a giant of their own. Introducing Atlas, the giant cyclops.  

Atlas the cyclops, your new gigantic best friend

Along with giant battles, Dragon Quest Heroes II returns the frantic hack and slash gameplay at its core. Players can expect to fight their share of slimes, golems, and familiar boss monsters in every battlefield. Screenshots have also revealed Heroes II's "four fiends," powerful monsters standing between the players and their journey to return peace to the world.

Dhuran, not your best friend.

Dragon Quest Heroes II launches in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. 


I could play video games until my eyes give out. They're halfway there already, I suppose.

Published May. 27th 2016

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