Don't forget to log into Pokemon Go and get a limited edition Pikachu!

Santa Pikachu and Raichu are in Pokemon Go for you to catch and train, and they're cute as can be.

People may be all excited about the new Pokemon added to Pokemon Go, but everybody in holiday spirit knows the real star of the game right now is the ever-festive Santa Pikachu. He's the cutest of the cute, and you get to keep him even after the event has ended.

Santa Pikachu's appearance seems to be Pokemon Go's only Christmas event, but it's better than nothing. He and his cute little hat will be available for Pokemon trainers to capture until December 29th. You'll notice any Pikachu you have captured before the event are not sporting the hat -- only those captured until the end of the event will be able to don the hat.

During the event the limited edition Santa Pikachu will replace all standard Pikachu on the field and can be seen in the Sightings tab just like any other Pikachu. There are even nests for this little guy, so keep an eye out if you want to farm them up even if they are identical to standard Pikachu in battle.

What's even better than a Santa Pikachu? How about an equally festive Santa Raichu? That's right! If you evolve the limited edition Pikachu they will evolve into Christmas-theme Raichu, with the same Santa hat and its signature Raichu pudge. You can also catch festive Raichu during this event.

The only way to get the limited edition Pikachu in Pokemon Go is to catch'em during this Christmas event, so get out there and capture those electric mice! And evolve a few, too -- because Raichu is the cutest. Any festive Pikachu (and evolved Santa Raichu) you capture will be retained after the event end. You know you want them!

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Published Dec. 15th 2016

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