The 5 best mobile games to play while you poop

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Let's all get real for a hot second: everyone poops. It's okay. No need to alert the press. They already know. They poop too. If you're regular, you probably poop every day. (If not, Jamie Lee Curtis can help you fix that). Most human beings spend well over a year of their lifespans answering nature's call. Being the industrious creatures humans are, we aren't going to let all that time go to waste. As smart phones became increasingly popular, we started ditching Reader's Digest for time-killing apps to occupy our time while we occupy the toilet. Here are five mobile games to play on the loo.

Published Jul. 9th 2015
  • Charlie Owens
    I'd add Heroes of Dragon Age as well. Not real complicated, touch a button and let your team do battle.
  • Jackson Ingram
    That's also a good one! Really any squad-based strategy game will work as a good bathroom companion.
  • Charlie Owens
    I never got into Clans, since I really don't like the whole "build a fortress" thing. it's why I still play Heroes Charge. (another good one for taking the Browns to the Super Bowl)
  • Kristian Wilson
    DonutCat is my go-to bathroom game. Quirky Korean indie game? Yes, please.
  • Jackson Ingram
    Lol! I just checked it out on Google Play. Is it hard? I'm not sure if I'm quick enough on the draw to keep DonutCat out of simulated danger.

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