Pokemon Images Stripped of Their Dignity (aka Outlines)

Pokemon look good even without their outlines, everyone knows that. Can't stop the kawaii train.

I pondered on typing out something thought-provoking here, but ultimately it all came out to be a bunch of mumbo jumbo with cheesy Pokemon-related jokes. I want to show you what I've been wasting 70% of my time on over the past two days, after a spark of inspiration from my most recent article covering the confirmed additions to Pokemon X and Y.

The images below were altered by me during times of great boredom, and I am by no means an artist. Don't expect anything great to come from what you are about to see. With that said, the amount of hours poured into the combined girth of the images below are numerous. If you like the images themselves or the concept, please leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to whip up another batch (with some anti-aliasing and more attention to detail next time around) if there is enough positive feedback .

So anyway, what we have here are edits of images of randomly chosen Pokemon, to give them a new look. Their outlines have been removed and a few have had their color saturation tinkered with a bit for some more flair. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. Base images were taken from PokemonDB and Bulbagarden.

And so, I present to you...

Pokemon Images Stripped of Their Dignity

Clauncher (Gen VI)

Fennekin (Gen VI)

Clefairy (Gen I)

Totodile (Gen II)

Altaria (Gen III)

Talonflame (Gen VI)

Klang (Gen V)

Bulbasaur (Gen I)

Ampharos (Gen II)

Magmortar (Gen IV)

Skrelp (Gen VI)

Conkeldurr (Gen V)

Machoke (Gen I)

Golurk (Gen V)

Bibarel (Gen III)

Misdreavus (Gen II)

Oddish (Gen I)

Beautifly (Gen III)

Pancham (Gen VI)

Helioptile (Gen VI)

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Published Jun. 21st 2013

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