5 Kid's Cartoons That Should Have Mainstream Video Game Adaptations

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Since my childhood, kid's TV cartoon series' have come a long way. The likes of Loony Toons, Tom & Jerry, Casper The Friendly Ghost, and many more of my favourites are rarely seen in this day and age. The kid's channels are now full of new and modern cartoons that cater for the current generation.

While a lot of today's kid's "entertainment" is nothing more than cringeworthy in my opinion, there are a few out there that I genuinely think are good. Not only that but I feel they would be great video games that the entire family could enjoy.

Therefore, today we are going to take a look at 5 Kid's Cartoons That Should Have Mainstream Video Game Adaptations, and why they would make a good game along with what genres would suit them.

Published Feb. 27th 2017

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