Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Dates Confirm July Celebrations

Pokemon GO Fest 2021 will return as a "global" event this July, though there's still a lot up in the air.

Pokemon GO Fest is returning in 2021, The Pokemon Company and developer Niantic have announced. The two-day festivities will kick off on July 17 and conclude on July 18, a full week earlier than Pokemon GO Fest 2020. Like that celebration, though, this year's event again appears to be completely remote and all-digital, with it being described as "global." 

Outside of revealing the dates for Pokemon Go Fest, neither Niantic nor The Pokemon Company provided any further details for the event. However, a blog post regarding the announcement mentioned that this year is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon and the fifth anniversary of Pokemon GO. With that in mind, the post says that fans "won't want to miss Pokemon GO Fest 2021." 

Whatever is in store will come at a later date. Pricing for the event was not provided, though tickets for 2020's festival cost $14.99. It's safe to expect similar pricing this year as well. 

Pokemon GO's latest event begins on April 29 and is a crossover with the upcoming Pokemon Snap. GO players will be tasked to complete photography challenges and claim Pokemon Snap related rewards. 

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Published Apr. 27th 2021

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