Boreala Sparkforge

My Asura-tech-themed Iron Legion Engineer, for the Guild Wars 2 fashion contest!

Boreala Sparkforge, Iron Legion Engineer

It can be quite difficult to find armor that looks great on Charr characters, especially for engineers and other medium-armor-users. Bora here is designed around the style of asura technology, which is appropriate given her story. The dye colors include Abyss, Sky, and Regal. Her rifle is the Pact Shotgun.

Boreala Sparkforge (2)

More lore-related details below:IRON LEGION CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT: Dossier - Boreala Sparkforge, Forge Warband

Age: 33
Gender: Female
Height: 7’4”
Weight: 251 lb.

Iron Legion Soldier
Legionnaire of Forge Warband

Established as a joint operation for the purpose of maintaining the legions’ technological advantage, Forge Warband is composed primarily of Iron Legion engineers, supported by a small squad of Ash Legion commandos and the occasional non-Charr asset.

Whenever a new technology is discovered, Forge is one of the warbands tasked with investigating, securing, understanding, and re-purposing it for the legions. Their initial focus has been on refining more stable and reliable versions of Asura crystalline capacitors, producing a few prototype models of repulsor-based firearms and impact-absorbing armor underlays, which the warband makes extensive use of themselves.

Forge members are often deployed alongside Blood and Ash warbands, giving them opportunities to test new gear under actual combat conditions.

Commanding Officer's Notes:

I chose Boreala to lead this operation because she’s completely unfettered by tradition, superstition, or conventional expectations of what’s technologically possible. She cares about results, and if using some insane combination of magic and non-Charr technology will get those results, she’ll do it in a heartbeat.

This hasn’t earned her many friends among those that still (for good reason) shun anything that stinks of Flame Legion sorcery or foreign magic, but the kind of soldier who doesn’t bat an ear at making an impromptu alliance with a den of Skritt to save an Iron Legion weapons research facility from a -REDACTED- attack is exactly what this program needs.

Ash Legion spooks have given their approval as to her loyalty: she’s a bit too friendly with the other races at times, but there are no indicators that would point towards discontent or risk of security leaks.

She keeps a tight leash on her warband where safety and discipline are concerned, but otherwise allows them free reign to pursue their own projects, which currently include -REDACTED-, -REDACTED-, and improved -REDACTED-.

~Centurion -REDACTED-


Published Aug. 6th 2013
  • Raios Deschain
    Nice look! The holographic wings go really well with the blue in your armor and the rifle.

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