Starbound Reaches 1 Million Copies Sold

Starbound sales reach one million just one month after beta launch.

Starbound fans are plentiful, and the game's sales prove it: Over one million copies of the game have been sold since its beta launch on Steam Early Access.

This announcement comes from the official Starbound Twitter account, and those keeping an eye on the Steam activity page and top sellers list should find it as no surprise. Starbound has remained in the top sellers and the top played games lists since beta launch, through the Steam Winter Sale, up until now.

With the rate of content patches slowing down, Starbound is seeing fewer concurrent players on Steam now than it did in the first two weeks of beta launch despite the steady flow of sales. Once the next large patch hits the open beta, we may see some surprising player numbers in the concurrent players lists. A fan can hope, right?

If you're a bit late on the Starbound train and want to know what all the buzz is about, take a look at the game's Steam Early Access page or the official site. It's never too late to get onboard what looks to be the big sandbox game of 2014, and that in itself should be exciting enough to fans of the genre.

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Published Jan. 6th 2014

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