$386,000 Dying Light Special Edition Includes an IRL Zombie Shelter in Europe

A Dying Light special edition package in Europe includes parkour lessons and a house.

Dying Light won't be hitting the UK until later this week, but it will come with one very special edition of the game that includes you in the game, parkour lessons, and a house.

In one of the biggest special editions released for a game, Techland will be selling My Apocalypse Edition of Dying Light for the price of 250,000 pounds, or roughly $386,000 when translated to American currency. According to Gamespot, there will just be one sold through GAME. 

Techland will only offer one My Apocalypse Collectors Edition, and it's available exclusively through UK retailer GAME. The disc-based version of Dying Light launched in the United States last month, but doesn't arrive in the UK until later this week.

What could make this worth nearly $400,000?!

There's a load of stuff that makes this one of the most expensive video game special editions ever released. Items include:

  • Dying Light Zombie Home created by Tiger Log Cabins*
  • Parkour lessons from Ampisound
  • Trip to Wroclaw, Poland, to meet the Techland development crew
  • "Be The Zombie" match pits you as a zombie against the game's developers
  • You will be skinned as a Night Hunter character model
  • Human-sized Volatile figurine to make people think zombies are real
  • Exclusive Dying Light night vision goggles and adult diapers
  • 4 copies of the Dying Light special edition steelbox
  • 2 copies of the Razer Tiamat headphones

*House is furnished with standard amenities. Includes escape hatch, arsenal storage facility, TV, Xbox One, and sound system.

This special edition only comes second to the Saints Row IV "Super Dangerous Wad Wad" package back in August 2013 that sold for $1 million and it included a Lamborghini Gallardo and a day of spy training.

Buying a package like this is insane, but for anyone that wants a new home in Europe and believes that zombies are real, this is a pretty solid deal that's available for pre-order on February 25th.

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Published Feb. 24th 2015

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