Five NBA 2K17 Teams You Should Start Your Season With Right Now

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NBA 2K17 is a game that is somehow enjoyable despite its gameplay flaws. How can that be possible, you ask? The game has addicting modes, what can I say?

Lately, I've become addicted not to MyTeam or MyCareer, but MyLeague's Start Today sub-mode, which does exactly what the tin reads.

You start on the real-life NBA season's current real-world date, whether it's with the Golden State Warriors as you somehow try to finish the season strong and maybe break the record again, or with the New York Knicks and appease parts of your fanbase by trading Carmelo Anthony, which yeah, good luck getting a solid return with NBA 2K17's trade finder on that one.

But either way, today we're here look at five teams you may want to consider taking over on the current date in NBA 2K17. In addition, I'll also walk you through some quick fixes that range from blockbuster trades to in-season free agency moves.

Published Jan. 5th 2017

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