Dragon Slayer Award Nominee: Vaeflare

Meet the woman behind the avatar

Vaeflare is her name and Diablo 3 is her game. Her avatar is what I would describe as a wolf-pig-bat thing (wolfpigbat). Here is a picture so you do not think I am a nutter, or at least not completely.

Vaeflare is actively engaged in the community both on and off the official Blizzard forums. Her DeviantART profile states that she frequents the Warcraft and Diablo forums, as well as Twitter. On the forums she answers your burning questions about your favorite games. On the DeviantART website she connects with the fans who have a talent for drawing and illustrating. The site allows you to post and share artwork with anyone who wants to view your creations. Personally, I have about as much artistic talent as a cardboard box so I do not post my stick figures online.

Fun Facts


I am a self-described MMORPG addict. Not in the sense that my real life suffers, but rather my real life is enhanced.

Source wowpedia.org
Published Aug. 15th 2013

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