Samurai Warriors 4 Coming to PlayStation Consoles This Fall

A new hack and slash? Count me in! Samurai Warriors 4 comes to PlayStation consoles this Fall.

After a brief absence from Sony, Tecmo Koei has decided to bring the Samurai Warriors series back to PlayStation. An announcement by the company was released today stating that the fourth installment in the series will launch on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this Fall. 

Samurai Warriors is the set in the warring states period of Japanese history, and characters are inspired by famous warriors and military leaders during that time. This time around there will be 55 playable characters in the game. The "Warriors" games (this includes Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors, including spin-offs like Gundam, and more recently Hyrule Warriors) are what some players like to call "the definition of a hack and slash game." 

The last installment of Samurai Warriors on a Sony console was the PS2. Afterwards, the third installment was a Wii exclusive, and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. 

Look forward to more details about Samurai Warriors 4 at E3 next week. 

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Published Jun. 3rd 2014

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