Death's Gambit Guide: How to Kill Ghosts

Wondering how to kill ghosts in Death's Gambit? This guide shows you the easiest way to do that.

Like any game in the Souls-like genre, Death's Gambit is filled with difficult enemies. With everything out to get you and death lurking around every corner, it helps to know which items, spells, and weapons can kill your adversaries faster than they can kill you. 

As it turns out, not all enemies take damage from every weapon type -- and some, like the game's ghosts, don't seem to take damage from anything at all. Whether you attack them with a sword or use magic, these ghouls are seemingly immune to your every move, even if they can deal some pretty big damage to you.

However, there is one thing they are susceptible to: Sunstones

When you come across a ghost in Death's Gambit, you'll notice they're no more than apparitions. However, if you throw a Sunstone at them, the light produced will illuminate their true forms. When they are in this state, you can attack them with any weapon or spell to kill them. 

Since Sunstones are pretty common, you shouldn't have to look hard for them. However, if you've yet to come across any from the game's crystal enemies, you can buy them from the vendor Jaco of Basilus in the game's hub area (he's just to the right of the large red tent). He sells them for 20 Hope.


That's all you need to know about killing ghosts in Death's Gambit. It's as simple as throwing a stone! 

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Published Jul. 1st 2019

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