Death's Gambit Complete Heroic Boss Rematch Guide

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Death's Gambit is already hard, but that gets cranked up to 11 with heroic boss rematches, where each enemy you've already beaten into oblivion gets new attacks and extra health, coming back from the grave like an infernally crazed zombie. To have any chance at beating any of these heroic versions, you're going to need a little help.

But before you do anything, make sure to explore and grab the tomes for each boss. In many cases, having that extra damage bonus will be the difference between victory and defeat when facing these heroic beasts.

Several of these rematches are pure DPS races, so if you have major trouble, spend more time leveling up your primary damage stat and give it another go. Trading your feathers for damage can also be very helpful, although since you can't heal, it will mean dying several times while you memorize the attack patterns of each boss.

Ready to get started? In the slides ahead we cover specific strategies for each boss and what achievement(s) you unlock for defeating their heroic versions!

Published Aug. 21st 2018

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