7 most important moments in the new Kingdom Hearts III trailer

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The latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer was officially released by Square Enix at their E3 Conference, sending the fandom, already ravenous for any new information, into an all-out frenzy. Since most of us blacked out for a bit due to the excitement, it's time to take a closer look at the trailer and examine the most important revelations.

Published Jun. 16th 2015
  • TheBlaksamuraiX
    Good stuff man I'm super excited for this one. I wonder if they're going to include Marvel and Star Wars themed worlds.
  • Jackson Ingram
    Thank you! I've been wondering that as well. Nomura said that they were looking at newer movies for KH3 world material. He also said that they'd be announcing another new world soon, so we'll just wait and see! :)

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