EVE Online Live Event - Bleating of the Lambs

On November 7th, CCP Games lead highsec players into nullsec for a live event. At the same time they rallied pirates to a defense. It was lambs to the slaughter.

On November 7th, CCP Games put out a call to highsec players for a live event, there were vague hints of treasures to be gained.

At the same time, CCP Games also put out the call to pirates and nullsec residents to defend their territory against the approaching highsec incursion:

If you're devious and wicked enough to fight against the forces of good in New Eden, go to systems FD-MLJ or Utopia at 18:50 onward and join the fleets there!

Highsec players are generally averse to combat and conflict. As a CCP Games sanctioned live event, many assumed that they would be safe from harm, even when nullsec was announced as their destination.

Very few highsec players stood a chance, their ships and pods destroyed, their wrecks looted and salvaged for materials.

Highsec systems are the lawful areas of EVE Online — unlawful conflict is protected by the CONCORD police force, though that protection is fallible. Nullsec systems, on the other hand, are the lawless areas of EVE Online — an anything goes territory, where no protections exist to limit player conflict.

Hundreds of highsec players descended upon the live event destination in the nullsec region of Syndicate. They were immediately trapped in gate and interdiction bubble camps, and then set upon by the "devious and wicked." Very few highsec players stood a chance, their ships and pods destroyed, their wrecks looted and salvaged for materials.

It was lambs to the slaughter. As soon as the event was over, the bleating of the lambs began on the forums. Highsec players were outraged:

Caisersoze wrote: "thanks CCP for being even bigger f****** by making something most of the players couldnt even enjoy next time at least do a lowsec one or clear the f****** bubbles agian thanks CCP for being a bunch of s*** idea f*** that shouldnt run live events."

Horatio Nately wrote: "this event was complete **** although I shouldn't be surprised since ccp hasn't been able to run competent events since they let go all of their live event staff."

Those are just a couple of the many similar comments from people that had their ships and pods destroyed during the live event.

CCP Games hosted a player gathering during the event, watching their hand in the carnage unfold via a live stream.

CCP Games released some new load balancing code on the day of the live event. After CCP Explorer's tweet announcing the new code, rumour surfaced that the live event was staged simply to test the new code:

We activated a new cluster load balancer on TQ today resulting in better CPU/memory spread.

CCP Explorer quickly put that rumour to rest as coincidence:

The CLB's deployment had been delayed by a week and a half and eventually "collided" with the live event.

Was the event successful?

Judging by the tweets and forum posts from nullsec players, it was a rousing success, as they walked away with hundreds of kills, and billions of ISK in looted modules and salvage.

Tweets and forum posts from highsec players tell a different story, many expecting a safe event and ending up with expensive ship losses.

If there's one thing you learn about EVE Online, very quickly, it is that nothing is ever safe. CCP Games will not step in to disrupt the sandbox. One player's bad time is another player's good time.

Published Nov. 7th 2013
  • yabado_2274
    The whole controversy is being misrepresented and spun to somehow make the game more attractive as "ultimately dangerous". The complaints are mainly that people wasted 3 or 4 hours without even getting close to the event which was suddenly called finished for no known reason before most people got there. A large percentage of the highsec players invovled actually have alternate characters in nullsec so claims they are just incompetent was propaganda. Finally the nullsec alliances were able to move people and reinforce with capital and super-capital ships which CCP have totally banned their high sec players from even owning. In essence the complaints are that the game is not a sandbox and that the event was a setup to generate get more of the "biggest big-bad fleet battle" press that CCP thrive on.
  • Something antatse
    Finally unsubbed worst company in the world wasted enough time on this game, you mock, cheat play favorites and lie and use your customers as testing ground, this game is shit.
  • AnEVEPlayer
    The forums are mostly in uproar at the lack of organisation, information via Tweets not IG channels, 10% TiDi along all the staging systems which were never broadcast in an organised manner and that the CCP Official Fleet Commanders ordered people to "Jump! Jump! Jump!" knowing that full gate camps were in effect. Oh and then they logged leaving everyone adrift.

    50 people (due to the TiDi and load) jumping into bubbled gates with Null Block Alliances sat at optimal while every other player was in 10% TiDi still moving through Hi-Sec isn't what we the playerbase that were in that situation called an "Event".

    The "Empire Navies" never showed as advertised and the [quote] "a unique situation. We do not foresee having to repeat this call to action" [unquote] is what brought most people to this event. Nothing in this CCP Live Event was as advertised apart from the Pirates engaging which was expected once the final destination was finally revealed to people, albeit slowly from Twitter to IG channels and then verified and then waited on a little just to be sure.

    Most of use weren't in shiny ships, we were in "Loss Fit" with blank clones ready to get it on with whatever we came up against and lose but we never exepcted to get CCPd (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=CCPd&defid=7305169). The destinations to move to were poorly communicated if at all, there was no command and control from CCP Dev (Playing as IG Actors), the servers were in 10% TiDi across 95% of the routes and the icing on the cake was that CCP Dev blew the "Objective" early before the rest of the fleets had actually arrived.

    I'm sure it made for hilarious viewing on Mad_Ani's stream on the duel screens and projectors they had set up in the Head Office.
  • Guy in N3
    Poetic Stanziel is still writing about EVE to grind his axe. Hes not in N3... He quit in the most glorious fashion, giving a giante "F U" to the developers of the company as well as the gamers in the community by publicly announcing the sale of all his eve assets for money (illegal RMTing in the EULA) and bragging to the fact that paypal wont refund those charges since the people received the goods.
    Im not saying the people who bought mmo things on ebay dont deserve to get screwed. But for a guy who quit a game in quite a dick fashion is still trying to poke jabs at the devs by writing anything he can to put em in a bad light. Take what he says with a large granular of salt.
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    So, was the whole point of this to spank the high secs for playing safe? Some folks on the forums there believe they were set up from the start, others are saying it's negligence and incompetence on the side of the organizers.

    Personally, I tend to live paranoid in MMOs so likely would have only sent a representative force to witness the event.

    I don't play EVE, but a few friends do. I'm curious now if they were in this event. But, the bottom line for me is that it seems like players knew going in that they were stepping across the boundary from safe space to the wild west - unless CCP was unclear that there would be little if no NPC assistance, then they dropped the ball.
  • Jester_5586
    I'm confused. Isn't Poetic Stanziel a guy in N3? I hadn't heard that he's a writer. Did Poetic Stanziel write this?

    (Seriously, get a new byline.)
  • V_6351
    I wonder... the goodies were supposed to kill some structure for some reward no? I wonder if the pirates got bored of slaughtering them and went to kill the structure themselves at some point. I would.
  • Poetic Stanziel
    Featured Contributor
    From what I heard, the structure was invulnerable (or nearly so.) I don't think the point of the event was ever the structure.
  • Horatio Nately
    I'm not from hisec.
  • Poetic Stanziel
    Featured Contributor

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