Monster Hunter Stories Gets European Release Date, Update, and Physical Re-release

In addition to a Western release this fall, the RPG spin-off will receive an update and re-release in Japan this summer.

Nintendo has announced new release dates for the Nintendo 3DS game, Monster Hunter Stories. The game will also arrive in Europe on September 8, and while an official U.S. release date is unknown at the moment, North American fans should expect the game to release around the same time.

Monster Hunter Stories is a monster taming RPG spin-off of the acclaimed hunting action series, Monster Hunter, and was originally released in Japan on October 8, 2016. In Monster Hunter Stories, the player hatches, tames, and rides monsters -- called Otomon -- while fighting against other monsters alongside them.

Obtained monsters can also be customized by use of a special feature called the Transmission Ceremony, in which units called Bond Genes can be transferred from one monster to another, allowing a change in the target monster's stats or abilities.

Monster Hunter Stories Update and Japan Re-Release

Capcom plans to release a version 1.2 update in Japan on July 26. A physical re-release, known as Monster Hunter Stories 1.2 Renewal Edition, will launch a day later on July 27.

The update will include previously unobtainable Otomon, Otomon previously only available as downloadable content, additional parts to customize player character appearance, the ability to change the player character's gender, and a Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) save data bonus outfit for the character Nabiru.

It is currently unknown whether the Western version of the game will be the original or updated version of the game.

This is a busy time for the Monster Hunter franchise, as the Nintendo 3DS game Monster Hunter XX was also recently announced for a Nintendo Switch release in Japan with cross-play capabilities. Capcom has stated they have nothing to announce at this time regarding a Western release for either version of Monster Hunter XX

In addition to Monster Hunter Stories and Monster Hunter XX, the PlayStation 4 exclusive Monster Hunter: World was announced at Sony's E3 2017 showcase for a worldwide 2018 release. The new game boasts high-quality graphics, dynamic environments, and an easily accessible multiplayer mode.

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Published Jun. 28th 2017

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