Curses n' Chaos Looks Like An Old NES Game

Tribute Games has released a trailer for their upcoming NES inspired brawler Curses n' Chaos.

If there was ever a game that reminds me of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and all of its glory, I would have to say that game would be Curses n’ Chaos. What is Curses N’ Chaos? Well it’s Tribute Games--the team who brought us Mercenary Kings and newest original IP. From the graphics to the music, every aspect of Curses n' Chaos looks to pay homage to the amazing games that have long since passed.

Judging from the reveal trailer, Curses n’ Chaos looks is a side scrolling beat-em-up, with waves and waves of monsters. Players can choose between a knight or a witch--at least I think it’s a witch, it could be an amazon--and can collect money, and power ups. Hopefully there is a store in-game to spend all that gold on.

So far there is only one stage, with different weather effects such as nightfall, dusk, and rain. Players have a certain time limit on each wave, so there is some strategy involved, especially with the power ups. As of now, Curses n’ Chaos will release sometime this fall.


I like metal and video games :D

Published Apr. 17th 2014

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