Revelation Online Releases New Wings & Mounts Trailer

Check out the new Wings & Mounts trailer for the upcoming western port of Revelation Online.

Western audiences have been patiently waiting for a western port of Revelation Online and it appears publisher is getting close to completing one. The Chinese MMORPG is currently in its third closed beta with no announced official release date. 

Today the publisher provided us with a closer look at the available mounts and wing customization that will be available in Revelation Online. As a large, open-world game that focuses on player expression -- mounts and wings are at the core of its gameplay. Check out the short promotional video below:

If you're feeling ready to ride a giant narwhal into battle, this may be the game for you. Keep in mind that a cash shop is already confirmed and that pay-to-win and micro-transactions are very likely. Otherwise, the combat is quick, the story is apparently engaging and taking flight to traverse the large world is highly entertaining. 


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Published Jan. 25th 2017

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