5 Easy DIY Overwatch Halloween Costumes

How to DIY Casual Mei

Mei's cosplay popularity is what it is because her stripped-down costume design is easy enough for a filthy casual -- and between the original design and her dozens of different skins, you can ramp up in difficulty to something even a pro would stoop to making. 

Accept it. Embrace it. The beauty of Mei (and D.Va, see later) lies in the fact that her hair is that of a real human being -- and if you're a brunette, a bun and bangs is something you can do yourself with a bare minimum of fuss.

What You'll Need:
  1. Wig (if needed): Even if you needed to buy a wig for the cause, Halloween quality wig-wear can get you a good approximation without a great deal of work, cost, or time.
  2. Hair Stick: A chopstick, some polymer clay, a wooden bead, some paint, a short piece of jewelry chain, and a snowflake charm will produce a perfectly serviceable hair stick. With Christmas already creeping into craft stores, finding a wintery charm won't be very hard at all. 
  3. Glasses: If you want to be super accurate, visible rivets on the frame front are a must. And even if you aren't, the classic Ray-Ban look has been around so long that you're bound to find something at your local dollar store/teeny accessories store to fit the bill. 
  4. Blue Spaghetti Strap Tank Top: Belly-baring is totally and completely optional. You can jazz it up like Eclair (pictured above) did with some lace, or keep true to the more athletic style of the original.
  5. Drawstring Sweatpants: Gray and/or blue is the key here. The originals are gray with a blue waistband and stripes down the sides. 
  6. Bracelet: Light blue/teal bracelet with a snowflake charm. If you can't find something in an accessories store post-Frozen, I guarantee you can easily make your own.

As a bonus, you'll probably already be keeping your datapad-sized phone with you at all times anyway, this time it'll do double duty as a prop. And you'll get to show up in sweatpants and still get away with being in costume. 

My advice? Bring a big fuzzy blue sweater too, just in case!

If you want a closer look at her character design (it won't help you much with your accessories, but that leaves a little room for your own creativity), you can take a look at the official Mei reference kit

(image credit to @theawakened_)

Published Oct. 9th 2017

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