Datamined Monster Hunter Generations demo reveals new localized names

A twitter user uncovered some new localized names in the Monster Hunter Generations demo, revealing possible new DLC and names for several monsters.

Twitter user Dasding did some data mining on the recently released Monster Hunter Generations demo for the Nintendo 3DS and found several new localized names hidden in the files.

 The list is as follows:

  • Amatsumagatsuchi has been shortened to "Amatsu": Amatsumagatsuchi is the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, a PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 title exclusive to Japan. In the recent Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, "Amatsu" armor was available as downloadable content for the west via a monster carve exchange at a special vendor in-game. However, Monster Hunter Generations will be the first time western players can have a hands-on experience with fighting this majestic floating Elder Dragon.

Amatsumagatsuchi, localized as "Amatsu"

  • "Osutogaroa" has changed to "Nakarkos": A mysterious new monster appearing in Monster Hunter Generations. According to Dasding, its localized name is a reference to the word "narkōdÄ“s", meaning "petrified".

Osutogaroa now localized as Nakarkos

  • Several DLC armor pieces are found in the demo data: this includes "F Dark Meowgic Hood", "Pirate J Armor", and Danboard DLC. Most notably, the "F Dark Meowgic Hood" is most likely a reference to the Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh! palico armor from Japan's release of Monster Hunter X (AKA MHGen's original Japanese title) back in 2015.

Dark Magician palico armor advertisement (top left)

As a small word of caution, Dasding posted a disclaimer on the Monster Hunter subreddit about the new data, stating:

My tweets are based on the fact that the demo contains fully localized item names AND descriptions. No guarantee that it will be in the full game, but due to other items being dummied out and MH4U also dummied out items not in the game, i would say it's highly likely for them to be in the full game.

Monster Hunter Generations is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive game coming soon to the west this summer on July 15th 2016. For more information on MHGen, check out a gameplay video of a team taking down the Astalos of the Fated Four, here on GameSkinny!

[Images retrieved from Twitter, Hachima, and the Monster Hunter Wikia]


Published Jun. 21st 2016
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