PSA: The Pokemon GO beta isn't out yet, don't fall for scam sites

Pokemon GO isn't in beta yet, don't fall for scam websites offering closed beta access!

Look, I know you're hype for Pokemon GO. Even I'm hype for Pokemon GO ,and I stopped caring about the series post-gen 3. But don't let that hype make you fall into scams promising beta access.

Pokemon GO is Nintendo's upcoming augmented reality Pokemon game for iOS and Android devices. We don't know when it's coming out nor what it's going to entail outside of battling Pokemon (and trainers) in the real world. But we do know it has a trailer for this year's Super Bowl 50.

And we know all those websites offering beta access aren't hosted by Nintendo, nor developer Niantic.

There are a handful of sites floating around search engines right now claiming to offer Pokemon GO beta access. Absolutely none of them are legitimate. 

Nintendo has always been airtight with their security and would never require fans to go to a site outside of the official Pokemon website ( to sign up for beta access to a Pokemon game, especially one as high-profile as GO.

The slew of sites promising beta entry are scams. Every single one of these websites are scams and you would do well to stop, drop, and not visit them nor give them your email address. 

Many of the fake GO beta websites either:

  • Host viruses
  • Have you do surveys (which the site owner makes money from)
  • Ask for your email address (to send to dataminers and unscrupulous advertising companies)
  • Ask you to sign up with a username and password to try to log into your accounts on other websites

Nintendo will announce themselves when Pokemon GO will finally be entering open beta, which many fans speculate to be soon with the Super Bowl happening on February 7th.

Whether the beta comes sooner or later, do not trust any site offering beta access that is not The Pokemon GO page on the site will be updated when beta access opens.

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Published Jan. 29th 2016

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