RaiderZ NA to Live on Despite EU and KR Server Closures

RaiderZ lives on in Japan and North America as the Korean and European servers close their doors.

RaiderZ may not be the biggest, most expansive MMO on the market -- but it has a passionate and dedicated fanbase and publisher in North America.

Perfect World Senior Project Manager Mark Hill spoke with MMO Fallout on the topics of where RaiderZ will be going in NA, and what may happen in the worst case scenario of developer MAIET ceasing development.

Hill mentions that the game's team at Perfect World haven't even considered closing the North American servers yet, with MAIET still developing content and a new expansion on its way to NA.

Something to note (for those of you wondering why MAIET would continue to develop for North America) is that the game's Japanese servers are still in operation. While the European and Korean server closures may have pointed to the game being doomed, they will continue to develop RaiderZ with the Japanese and North American servers still running.

Hill is also quick to mention that European players are able to create accounts and play on the NA servers. Perfect World Entertainment may grab the game's IP and re-publish in Europe in the future.

The full interview is worth a read to RaiderZ fans worried the game will meet an early end here as it did elsewhere. There is also an extensive Q&A on the official forums which all fans of the game should read to know where it's going, and how it's going to get there.

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Published Sep. 23rd 2013

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