RaiderZ Closing in Korea - Could the North American Servers Be Next?

With RaiderZ KR and EU closing, how long until the NA servers shut down as well?

RaiderZ has been having a tough time all over since TERA went free to play earlier this year. Initially the game served as a free alternative, and a fairly solid one at that. Today, the future of RaiderZ is up in the air as Korean publisher Neowiz has announced they will be terminating the game next month.

This may not seem to affect the North American version of the game, but there are a few things pointing to the North American servers being in trouble.

The announcement that the Korean service will be closing comes just three weeks after the European servers announced they would be closing their doors on August 30th. GameForge's terrible reputation and handling of the game aside, with TERA having taken most of the action MMO market there is no room for RaiderZ in EU.

With the Korean server closure coming on September 24th, how will the North American server even try to stay afloat? Despite this relatively optimistic post from the game's community team, there is just no way to ignore that the game will no longer have a development team in its home country as of next month. Perfect World Entertainment has made it very clear they have no hand in development, meaning RaiderZ will be left to rot.

The few in North America who still play this game need to keep an eye out and be weary to spend real money. RaiderZ's days are numbered.

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Published Aug. 15th 2013

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