5 Coolest Hispanic Video Game Characters

Character: Tyson Rios

Game: Army of Two

Whether or not you're into shooter style games, Rios is a character that you can't help but describe as "cool" and even "badass". He certainly isn't an stereotype which is all the more reason to love him when you find out he's Mexican-American.

Army of Two does an awesome job with depicting Rios' Hispanic pride through his tattoos which become somewhat of a narrative of his character; that is if you're vigilant enough to catch it. 

One tattoo reads vaya con dios which translates to "go with God" while the other; found on his left bicep, is an eagle which is customary for exported Mexican products. 

The fact that EA Montreal managed to create a character with Hispanic ties without being offensively stereotypical is beyond cool and just adds to Tyson's already badass character. 


Published Sep. 27th 2016

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