The 5 Best Soul Hunters Heroes

Soul Hunters offers a wide selection of heroes for the player to select, but which ones will serve you the most!

Soul Hunters, a new free-to-play strategic battle game on mobile devices, already has over 80 million active players. That's pretty impressive, considering many may not have heard of it. Within the game, the player is tasked with gathering their heroes to topple enemies throughout a variety of dungeons. There are even multiplayer challenges to complete.

Of course, in order to complete said challenges effectively, the player will be required to form their perfect team. With so many capable heroes, how do you go about choosing who to bring along on this grand adventure? Why, you use GameSkinny, of course! The following guide will help you make sure you're traveling with the best heroes that Soul Hunters has to offer.


Ariel is a middle-line DPS hero capable of performing AOE (Area of Effect) magic attacks to inflict damage upon entire parties of enemies, not just a singular opponent.

This little fairy character requires 30 Soulstones in order to summon, 50 Soulstones to her first promotion, 100 Soulstones to the second promotion, and 150 Soulstones to the third, and final, promotion.


Boomer, the little green goblin with the big gun, is a back-line DPS who uses a variety of explosives and projectile-based weapons to inflict damage from his shotgun. Boomer is capable of causing both physical and magical damage to enemies, which makes him quite useful on the battlefield. 

Boomer is also quite cheap, as you only require 10 Soulstones to initially summon him, then 20 Soulstones to obtain his first promotion.

His abilities include TNT, Incendiary, Ice bomb, and Nitroglycerine. His max health after being promoted to the fullest will be 89, which doesn't seem like much, but his abilities far outweigh any downsides.


Urestag is another back-line DPS unit capable of producing physical attacks and self heals when needed. Being a centaur ranger, his attacks are generally ranged, and of the bow variety.

To summon Urestag, the player will require 80 Soulstones. His first promotion will require 100 Soulstones. Obviously the more you promote him the stronger he will be in the long run.

His health will eventually surpass 100 points, making him quite strong and resilient to attacks for the foreseeable future.


Ember is another mid-line DPS hero capable of producing strong magic attacks and dealing AOE attacks on multiple enemies at a time. She can be quite useful as a starter hero, especially because she requires zero Soulstones in order to summon.

Her first promotion will cost 50 Soulstones or 120,000 coins -- your choice. 

A few notable abilities include:

  • Firestorm - Summons scorching rain to deal magic damage to all enemies within a large radius.
  • Flame Shock - Produces a fiery shock blast to deal magic damage to anyone in its path.
  • Fireball - Sends a single fireball shooting across the field, dealing magic damage to any enemy within its path.


Drago, an Orc-like monster of a hero, is a front-line tank who makes use of strong physical attacks to produce significant damage against your enemies. His stuns and debuffs also work wonders against the enemies in your way, too.

Being a tank, you really only need him to head up your party. Thankfully, Drago is quite a cheap unit to field. For just 10 Soulstones, you can summon him. 20 Soulstones leads to his first promotion, while 50 Soulstones will grant you his second promotion.

In terms of health, Drago will match Urestag upon being promoted.

Seeing as you can only have five heroes in your party at any given time, these five should be your first choice. They are easily the best available in the game, even for late game enemies. Do you have other heroes who have worked out for you? Let me know in the comments!

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Published Jun. 1st 2016

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