Top 10 Games that Should Be Made into Movies

Going down the Top 10 list of games that should be made into movies.

The lines between games and movies have become blurred as game development has evolved. So it wouldn’t be such a stretch to see certain games, from both current and past gens, made into their own feature length films.

Below is a list I’ve complied of the top 10 games I believe could make great movies:

10. Little Big Planet

This sounds like a bit of a silly choice, but just hear me out. Imagine a kid’s movie starring Sack Boy, the loveable, silent protagonist. The story could focus on the rebuilding of his entire universe with just his creativity alone, after it was seemingly torn apart. The story could feature some dark undertones and minor adult humor that would be harder for kids to catch. It would be fun for the whole family and wouldn’t require a huge budget to make.

Favored Director: Lego Movie Directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. I’ve seen The Lego Movie, it was well done with some darker elements and a HUGE plot twist, It seems they would be a perfect fit for Little Big Planet.

9. Dead Rising

Switching from cutesy and kid friendly to horrific and zombified, Dead Rising makes this later spot for one reason. The idea of the Zombie Apocalypse has been overdone. From movies like Dawn of the Dead, and its continuations throughout the years, as well as most recently World War Z. While the premise has been done, adding in elements of the Queen Bees inside the Zombies and the creative weapon customizations could make the movie unique. Sadly not unique enough to get the greenlight for the movie, I feel. Though I’d really love to see the paddle chainsaw on the big screen.

Favored Director: George A. Romero, is that cliché?

8. Metro: Last Light (2033)

The Post-Apocalyptic universe is set in irradiated Russia, where the world’s inhabitants have all but been pushed underground into the metro system. The air is toxic on the surface, so you must always were gas masks, constantly replacing air filters, while keeping an eye on the Geiger counter in hopes not to boil alive. Add in vicious, mutated animals and meta-humanoids with psychic powers, and you have the recipe for a thrill ride of a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The screen writer would just need to find a way to immerse the view, then I could see a great film.

Favored Director: Assassin film Hanna director, Joe Wright. I can see him doing a great job, especially in the high intensity moments like the train chase or the close quarters combat scenes.

7. Fallout/ Elder Scrolls Series

These series are well known for vast, beautiful landscapes and grand quests that lead to ending bordering on grandeur. With the enormous, out of this world creatures and weapons that dwarf anything in our realm, it could serve to create amazing movie scenes. Any Action/Adventure fan would love to watch them. There are also so many entries in these series that could lead in to multiple, story driven sequels.

Favored Director: Peter Jackson, heck a lot of this has Lord of the Rings written into Elder Scrolls and it could easily translate to Fallout. Just a thought.

6. inFamous

Not sure why this one wasn’t considered before. There has been a huge boom in the super hero movies lately that this one would fit right in. Our hero or villain (depending on the movies direction) is granted super powers by an accident caused by events unknown. While learning his powers, Cole must decide whether to be good or evil. The weight of the world rests on his shoulders, and a good director and story writer could depict this perfectly. If they wanted to, they would make multiple sequels that branch into the evil and good choices ranges. Want to go in to see Cole be the Hero? See screenings 1,3,5. Want the darker choice, see the secondary releases 2,4,6. Would add a new twist to the cinematic dynamic.

Favored Director: Zack Snyder, enough said. His dark toned movies, especially the Hero based ones, have proven more than enough that he could do inFamous justice.

5. Watch Dogs

Imagine the Chicago we saw in Watch Dogs, controlled by computer systems and potential hackers, on the big screen. A conspiracy based movie set in the shoes of a hacker trying to free the world from being overrun by the ctOS. This could be an action based, gritty movie where the main character has the power to overthrow the system but has to watch his back throughout the entirety of the film. It’s definitely an enticing idea, but one that could go wrong very quickly if the screenplay isn’t hammered down just right.

Favored Director: I couldn’t think of one that would work well but my list of directors is low. Anyone with a feel for espionage and technology would be good.

4. Dead Space

Already a gruesome story, Dead Space gives us a chance to further explore horror in movie form. The main character is stranded on a derelict ship full f dark corridors, dead bodies, and vicious alien mutations that get worse as he goes along. Along with the upfront horror, the director could play with the psychological trama going on in the characters mind while trying to deal with this horrible nightmare. This would be a definite for horror buffs to see during Halloween.

Favored Director: Guillermo Del Toro. Even this guys non horror flicks are dark and he is already breaching into gaming with the new Silent Hills game. He’d do this movie well, but bring a change in underwear.

3. Slenderman

Sure this is a wild choice, but it is most certainly fit for a movie. It might even flesh out the story and mythos that is Slenderman as a whole. Sending the main character creeping through dark rooms, finding random notes telling them to run, that creepy feeling on their neck, could make for a perfect survival horror movie. Slenderman could be the next Jason or Michael Myers.

Favored Director: Sinister director Scott Derrickson could kill this movie in sheer creepiness alone. Just watch Sinister in the dark and you’ll believe it.

2. Destiny

Sure it’s new to the gaming scene and has a while to go to prove it is worth it, but Destiny’s story alone screams movie plot. An ancient being is discovered and helps set the human race to space travel and beyond, all the while being hunted by a mysterious evil known as “The Darkness”. Add in the resurrected hero and the plucky robot sidekick and you have the basis for an interesting adventure film.

Favored Director: J.J.Abrams. I mean why not, he’s dipping into every other space adventure with Star Trek and Star Wars. By the time he’s done with those, he will have the formula down to make Destiny just right.

1. Metal Gear Solid

Now this series has systematically been working its way to be a movie, or at least it feels like it. A whole realm of espionage, warfare, advanced technology, and even dabbling in the mythical, this game has it all. Conspiracies and political agendas run high as the world is threatened. It is a great set up for a string of movies, in fact the studio director Hideo Kojima could direct. His in game cinematics are well executed and numerous enough, they even merge with in game action perfectly. It really wouldn’t be a surprise to see this as a movie at some point.

Favored Director: Kojima, like I said, he has directed his games. If he was paired with a good movie studio, he could pull it off amazingly.

Did I hit all the ones on your list? Did I come up with some new ideas you never considered? Let me know your thoughts on this top 10, or even let me know your own.


Have been writing since I can remember, have always loved reviews (gaming mostly), and have a knack for the written word.

Published Apr. 17th 2018
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Have you seen the Dead Space animated films?

    Dead Space: Downfall (2008) - a prequel to the game -

    Dead Space: Aftermath (2011) - released in conjunction with Dead Space 2

    Both movies use some great actors for the voices.
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Metal Gear, Dead Space and inFamous would be nice to see!

    Still waiting for that Mass Effect film...
  • topher339
    Metal Gear would definitely be my top as well. I think the third would make the best movie out of them. Of course, we still want Halo. I think another good one would be Dishonored.
  • mchiu
    These are all really good choices! The thing is that I think movies and games go hand-in-hand in the sense that a lot of the games you mentioned are essentially games trying to give a cinematic feel to them. Great post!
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Ok Skyrim/Fallout with Peter Jackson at the helm--you have my attention and my money! Dead Space with Guillermo del Toro and Destiny with J.J. Abrams, I'd go see those as well. Don't forget we still want a Halo film and Mass Effect...both I could see J.J. Abrams directing or even Steven Spielberg.

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