Street Fighter V had its first major at Final Round 19 & starts Capcom Pro Tour 2016

Street Fighter V has held it's first major tournament for Capcom Pro Tour 2016 and out of 1000 entrants Razer's Infiltration won.

The first major tournament to feature Street Fighter V (SFV) was held at Final Round 19 (FR19) this past weekend. Final Round has been a fighting game community staple event held in Atlanta, Georgia for years. On it's 19th year, it once again started the Capcom Pro Tour. While being host to a number of fighting games, the main draw was SFV. The entrants for Capcom's new fighter drew in 1,000 players worldwide to Atlanta for the event, which ran from March 18-20. 

With Capcom Pro Tour 2016 offering $500,000 USD again this year, the number of participants isn't surprising for the first major of the year. Ultimately, SFV resulted in first place to Team Razer's Infiltration (Lee Seon-woo) and second place to MadCatz Tokido (Hajime Taniguchi). These veterans to the world of Street Fighter squared off again, as they have many times over their careers. Infiltration displayed more control of the match with Nash, which proved to be too much for Tokido's Ryu.

With SFV still being new, there's DLC characters yet to be released, and updates on the horizon. So, who knows who will be the next winner of a major along the tour? The pro tour ends in December, and that is many tournaments to look forward to along the way.


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Published Jun. 16th 2020
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Pretty awesome tournament to watch. Love the non-PC casters, joking constantly, good stuff.
  • Jeffrey Rousseau
    oh you should see them unfiltered when their covering money matches.

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