Civilization 6 Multiplayer Details

Multiplayer features of Civilization VI just released on Firaxis's Twitch stream

Sid Meier's Civilization VI launches (or unlocks if you pre-loaded) in just a few hours.  The newest in Firaxis's Civilization line brings some of the biggest changes in the franchise -- namely unstacked cities.  

Recently Firaxis streamed a massive AI 'Battle Royal' with 8 of the 19 civilizations battling each other, but didn't talk much about the actual multiplayer mode. Today, however, they just wrapped up a stream in which they discussed some of the facts about general multiplayer features for Civilization VI. 

Here's the rundown of some of the things you can expect to see:

  • Hotseat available (multiplayer with 1 computer)
  • Previous Civ game multiplayer features will be present (map type, length, victory conditions, etc.)
  • Mods available in multiplayer.
    • Only the host needs to have a mod, other players will automatically get the respective mod(s) on joining the game
  • Several scenarios included, aimed on being shorter games
  • Different players can be on their own difficulties
  • Automatic messages to remind players who take too long
  • Quick unit animation and combat (not instant, but sped up significantly)
  • Custom multiplayer score card/victory condition screen
  • Save multiplayer games and resume (like previous Civ games)
  • Diminished award notifications (new ages, built wonders, etc) 
  • Civilization V's 'Hybrid Mode' (simultaneous turns during peace) is coming back as Dynamic Moves
  • Turn-based diplomacy (1 player makes an offer, 2nd player responds, etc.)

That's all we know for right now, but we won't have to wait very long until the full scope of Civilization VI's multiplayer functionality is revealed to us. Will you have what it takes to have your civilization stand the test of time...and your friends?


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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