Anthem Guide: How To Get Multi-Kills

This guide explains exactly what multi-kills are, and offers several tips on how to easily get them, in Anthem, BioWare's newest multiplayer action RPG.

Knowing how to get multi-kills in Anthem is important, as you will get more experience for obtaining multi-kill medals, and there's even a part in the story where you will need them to progress. However, it's not that easy to get a multi-kill in BioWare's new multiplayer action RPG.

This has caused some frustration for players, and part of that comes from not knowing exactly what counts as a multi-kill. This frustration has been made worse by a bug that was active during early access, which prevented some area attacks from counting towards multi-kills. This has, supposedly, been fixed with Anthem's day one patch.

For players that are still having trouble with multi-kills, this guide will explain exactly what a multi-kill is, and it will provide tips on getting them. With this information, you can level up faster and get through the game's story.

How To Get Multi-Kills In Anthem

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A multi-kill is defined as defeating eight enemies within 10 seconds. The good news is that each kill refreshes that timer — you should think of multi-kills as a kill streak with a time limit. 

That said, it can still be tough to get a multi-kill, as you can't always find eight enemies closely grouped up. Here are some tips that may help you:

  • Make sure there are eight enemies in the general area.
    While it may seem obvious, it does no good to even attempt a multi-kill if there aren't enough enemies around.

    A good way to find a lot of enemies in one location is to visit landmarks or areas with structures in Freeplay, but it is helpful to have as many other players with you as possible. The Hidden Places and World Events are also great areas for multi-kills, if you can survive them.

  • Focus on melee kills with the Interceptor.
    Interceptors have fast melee attacks, which have no cooldown. This means that you can keep killing quickly with melee until you get a multi-kill.

    Additionally, the Interceptor's ultimate is a great tool, as it is a much better version of the normal melee attack.

  • Use large AoE Attacks with the Storm or Colossus, but not their Ultimates.
    The Storm's elemental attacks, such as Lightning Strike, are a good way to rack up fast kills.

    The Colossus's Flamethrower and Lightning Coil are also useful, as you can prime enemies with Flamethrower and then detonate the combo with Lightning Coil. You can also continue moving and shooting while Lightning Coil is active for additional kills.

  • Just use guns.
    If all else fails, simply shoot enemies with guns that kill quickly form a distance. Just be sure you have enough ammo for eight kills.

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That's all you need to know to get multi-kills in Anthem. If the AoE bug still affects you after the patch, try one of the other methods listed above.

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Published Feb. 22nd 2019

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