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2015 is grinding to a screeching halt. This year has been amazing for gamers, with tons of content at every turn. Developers have finally had enough time with the latest generation of consoles to really understand what they can do with them, and the players couldn't be happier.

The participants in the Heron Journalist Training Program -- currently running since October -- couldn't agree on a single title for Game of the Year. We're all interested in different styles of gaming. (Most gamers can probably relate to that.) I like racing games as much as the next guy, but do I think Rocket League wins Game of the Year? I don't know; I haven't played it! There are way too many choices for us to pick one together. So, we each picked our own!

In the weeks to come, you'll be seeing some articles on GameSkinny titled "Game of the Year 2015 Intern's Pick: ________". In each of these articles the participating interns will be giving their argument as to why the game they chose should be Game of the Year. 

In case you don't feel like scouring the web for each article, save this one to your favorites bar and check back frequently! After each new article comes out, it will be added to the list of links below. 

Interns' Picks for Game of the Year 2015


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Published Dec. 10th 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    You tried to make a case for Uncharted's remastered collection, but I still stand by my stance that no remaster or rerelease should ever win a GOTY. After all, it's not a game from this year... just one that has been published again.

    That's like if The Hobbit got a bit of revision and then won the Book of the Year today. Doesn't make much sense, at least to me. Then again, I'm not one for nostalgia either.
  • BlackTideTV
    I see your point, but I stand by my decision. I think a remastered collection has the potential to beat new releases. If there is a game that has such a following, and there is such a place in the fans' hearts that it can be remastered in the first place, it must be a great game.

    Furthermore, when a game is remastered, it isn't just pressed onto a new disc. It gets enhanced. New challenges, an inclusion of all the previous DLC, new servers if it's an online game, other little added bonuses like outfits or weapons, etc.

    In the case of the Uncharted Collection and the God of War Collection for PS3 there is another thing that changed between the remaster and the original game. The remastered editions are compilations of the entire series allowing a player who has never played them before to get the entire experience. They also offer a chance to speed run the entire series for experienced players.

    I think if something as great as The Hobbit gained a massive amount of appraisal for a second time in its lifespan, it definitely could win again.

    There are multiple ways to look at whatever of the year. There's the best of what's been made this year and the most popular of the year. The two are very different instances. Perhaps there should be separate awards?

    Even better, why isn't there an award for best remaster? Or rather, remaster of the year?
  • Joseph Ocasio
    Can anyone join in?
  • BlackTideTV
    Depends how much you write on the site! You a regular? I suppose you could make a Public's Picks!

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