is Pretty F'ing Fun, Heading to Steam Greenlight's pretty simple: It's a blob survival simulator. What more could you want?

Have you ever played Osmos? Yes, no, maybe so?

In Osmos, you play as a cell absorbing smaller cells while avoiding the larger ones. It's pretty fun and relaxing. I never would have thought I'd want a multiplayer version of the Osmos formula, but here I am on my 20th+ run in today. is essentially an Osmos clone, but uglier and more dynamic than its inspiration. You need to eat to get big, and the big cells need to eat to stay big -- which sounds very boring. Fortunately, it's not boring. It's absolutely engrossing.


I cannot tell you the anxiety that comes from getting fairly large and having to try to avoid some of the gargantuans other players worth themselves up to. I also cannot tell you just how good it feels to be that gargantuan and know you're instilling fear in your lesser cells. But I can tell you it's fun, and it's worth your time to give a shot. has been floating around the internet for about a week now and is in much better shape than it was just last week. The persistent slowdowns seen in the first few versions of the game are nonexistent. There are now some minor cosmetic options based on the name you pick and leaderboards to know who to hunt or who to stay away from.

If you get absolutely hooked on the thrill of the hunt like I did, make sure to wander over to Steam Greenlight and give your thumbs up. The developer is aiming for a free to play release with a skin editor, additional modes, and extra features.

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Published May. 3rd 2015

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