Destroy All Humans! Remake: How to Get the Anal Probe

Want to get straight into probing the butts of every human? Here's how to get the anal probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake.

The anal probe was one of the first weapons you received in the original Destroy All Humans!. It was a powerful and humorous weapon that provided some tactical advantage as well.

Upon starting the Destroy All Humans! Remake, you'll quickly notice that the weapon is no longer in your arsenal. Though it won't show up for a handful of missions, the powerful weapon is still in the game. 

The anal probe can be unlocked within the first hour of play and even has a few enhancements from its original counterpart. We'll go over how to get it below.

How to Get the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake

Unlocking the anal probe is part of the game's main story progression. To access the anal probe, make your way to the third open-area in Destroy All Humans! Remake, called Santa Modesta. 

Here, start the mission called "Aliens Stole My Brain Stem," which is several missions into the area. This mission has you harvesting the brains of helpless humans, and you'll be given the anal probe to do so. 

The anal probe can quickly attach to humans from afar and pull their brains out, giving you health and DNA to spend on upgrades and ammo. From this point on, you'll be able to use the anal probe in both main missions and free-roam.

What's New for the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake?

Unlike the original anal probe, this version can be upgraded; it's even deadlier and more invasive. The upgrades include increasing the anal probe's range and decreasing the time it takes to successfully probe. There's even an ability that allows you to use the weapon on multiple humans at once, extracting numerous brains at the same time for maximum effect.

To purchase these upgrades, you'll have to do a bit of extracting yourself. You can also find collectibles and complete missions for DNA that can be used to upgrade the anal probe. Once you have enough, anal probe upgrades can be purchased from your mothership.

And that's it! Finding and upgrading the anal probe is as simple as that. Now you can begin your hilarious massacre of the human race in earnest! Be sure to check GameSkinny for more on Destroy All Humans! Remake and check our review of the game here.


Published Jul. 27th 2020

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