Zombie Vikings Wii U Release Canceled

Cancellation of Zombie Vikings release on Wii U has been officially confirmed by PR Manager of Zoink Games.

Zombie Vikings, developed by Zoink Games, will no longer be coming to Wii U.

Hinting of the game’s possible release to Wii U occurred in a Nintendo sizzle reel showcasing various indie titles coming to the platform.

Although that announcement was made in August, PR & Marketing Manager of Zoink Games, Mikael Forslind, said the studio is now focusing on other projects. He also said that more attention is being shifted towards future development on the elusive Nintendo NX.

Zombie Vikings, available on PS4, Steam and soon Xbox One, comes from the creators of Stick It to The Man. The one-to-four person brawler was released for PS4  in September last year and offers funny adventures on over 25 levels through eight amazing worlds to retrieve Odin’s stolen eye. Odin is the one who brings the Zombie Vikings back to life in order to retrieve his stolen peeper. Hilarity and hi-jinks ensue when the Vikings go on their quest.

While the date of the game’s digital release for Xbox One has not been officially announced, Zoink Games seems excited for the pending release.

Published May. 31st 2016

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