System Shock Remake coming to PS4

Take up arms against SHODAN in the upcoming System Shock remake!

Jason Fader, Project Director of the upcoming System Shock remake (now on Kickstarter), has recently announced that his team will be able to put the game on the PlayStation 4:

"Some of you might have heard about our Kickstarter that we started a few weeks ago. It’s still early in the project, but there was such a huge demand for a PS4 version that we immediately did what we could to make that happen.

Today, I am incredibly proud to announce that System Shock will be coming to PS4 around Q1 2018. We’re excited to be working with Sony on this and can’t wait to see what all of you think of the game!"

Speaking as a fan of System Shock 2, this is great news to me. Though regarded as a fantastic game which inspired the Bioshock series, it shows its age. Sure the graphics can be modded into something more palpable to the modern player, but mechanically it's still a bit rough.

That issue is even worse for the System Shock, which is a 2D game with graphics similar to the earlier iterations of the DOOM franchise. Hopefully after the completion of this already hugely successful Kickstarter, I'll have the chance to experience such an inspirational game.

Already backing the Kickstarter? If not, what's keeping you from throwing some cash at it? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Jul. 25th 2016

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