Rogue Stormers Finally Releases For Everyone Outside North America

Rogue Stormers, described as a hardcore twin-stick shooter, is now avaliable in Europe, Australia, New-Zealand, and the Middle-East.

The game Rogue Stormers, developed by the German-based studio Black Forest Games and published by SOEDESCO, releases today outside of North America, where it was released on September 8. Boxed releases for North America should arrive later this year. 

The game has both a single-player element and a local/online multiplayer element, which allows up to 4 players to join in the chaos. On top of that, Rogue Stormers also has 5 different characters, each with unique abilities players can progress as they play through each level.

Procedurally generated and theoretically endless -- if you don't die that is -- Rogue Stormers biggest selling point is its difficulty. Claiming to be "challenging but fair," the game is somewhat likened to theD Souls series when it comes to bone-crushing difficulty, especially when the single player uses permadeath (dying in co-op can be temporary based on certain mechanics).

Overall, Rogue Stormers' cartoony yet modern art style evokes games like Overwatch and more pointedly, Awesomenauts

Rogue Stormers has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

Watch the game's trailer below:


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Published Apr. 1st 2017

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