ESO Reporter Episode 4 - If Firor Can Do It, So Can We!

With launch rapidly approaching and the last stress test complete, Svven, Jen and Teppo wonder if ESO can succeed where many other MMOs have fallen…. under the tide of launch day players.

It's getting close to launch! Can you feel the excitement? Svven, Jen and Teppo can! They're here and excited to talk to you about the latest and the greatest new in the ESO universe. 

This week's show has our intrepid hosts discussing:

  • Subscription discount packs - should they exist?
  • The latest and greatest books in ESO
  • The best mods for ESO at launch
  • Craft Mastery
  • The hosts' hopes for the upcomming launch of the game. 

With beta coming this sunday, take the time to get all of the highlights before you dive into this immersive world. 

It's another exciting show from the transatlantic trio, and they're ready to brave the wilds of Tamriel. You can fin full show notes here, which includes links to all of the items discusses in the show, but for now, enjoy the video and audio versions of the show. 

Audio Version: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:06:45 — 45.8MB)


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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