Rust Guide: How to Get Loot

Looting is the key to better gear, but be warned it's not as easy as it sounds.

Loot can be found in several places: Crates, on zombies, and inside abandoned buildings. 2/3 of these things will try to kill you most of the time. Learn how to loot below, or check out the rest of my guides to survive the first day in Rust

Scoring loot from above: Crates

Crates will become vital to your survival. They contain:

  • Ammo
  • Weapons
  • Food 
  • Crafting supplies 

These little boxes scattered about the world contain various forms of loot that you cannot find elsewhere. Depending on the server, airdrops will drop these crates at random intervals and at random places on the map. Many players will go after these, so be careful when scouting a drop. The supplies inside are quite helpful, however. 

Undead don't die easy

Zombie animal bodies will also hold loot, but you will need better gear and more experience to take them on.

A firearm of some sort is almost a requirement when going head-to-head with the undead in Rust, though a hatchet is your last resort here. They're fast and deadly and can kill you with one swipe of their claws if you don't have any bandages. It's best to avoid them altogether for now. Once you've got some armor and a weapon worthy of showing off, then take on the zombie animals and score some better gear.

Radiated buildings are bad, mmkay?

Another way to score some loot, generally food and crafting materials, is to raid the abandoned buildings scattered about the island. But be warned, the majority of these hold deadly amounts of radiation. The gear inside can be worth it if you are desperate, but stronger armor and some anti-radiation pills will be a necessity.

Put the items you loot to good use. Supplies are dwindling in this world and your crafting expertise will be needed.

Need more tips?

Check out the rest of the guides to surviving your first day (and night) in Rust.

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Published Feb. 6th 2014

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