Rust Guide: How to Get Loot

Looting is the key to better gear, but be warned it's not as easy as it sounds.

Loot crates can be found all over Rust if you know where to look, and they can provide you with anything from food and tools to some nice weapons and armor if you get lucky enough.

There are five primary types of loot crates in Rust, with some being easier to get your hands on than others. Additionally, supply drops in the form of airdrops can yield some fantastic gear but the competition for the loot in those crates is fierce.

How to Get Loot in Rust

Let's go over the five types of regular, non-airdrop crate. Each one has different loot inside for the taking, with the better-stocked ones being riskier to obtain.

Basic Crates

You can find basic crates all over the map, though they are most easily found near abandoned structures you'll come across. You should have no trouble finding them.

Basic crates generally contain weapons, armor, or scrap.

Food Crate

These are different from the rest in that they contain food, rather than tools, equipment, and other usable objects.

Generally food crates have one to three edible foods or drinkable water, which can be a big help early on if you're unable to reliably find corn or pumpkins. Look for these along roads and around monument locations, but particularly in abandoned supermarkets where they will spawn frequently.

Tool Box

Markedly better than basic crates, tool boxes have a fair chance to have useful tools and weapons inside that are well-worth picking up.

These are most often found in junk piles across the map, so be sure to check around roads. It can't hurt to take a look around transmission towers for these either.

Gun Crate

These are the loot crates to look out for if you specifically are looking to up your fire power. Gun crates contain weapons or components to craft them yourself, making them a worthy find.

Gun crates are only found inside monument locations. Airfields, bandit camps, cargo ships, junkyards, power plants, outposts of all types, and more can house these valuable crates.

Elite Loot Crate

Last but certainly not least of the regular loot crates are the elite loot crates, which have some very worthwhile weapons and equipment for you to pick up.

You can only find elite loot crates in two monuments: military tunnels and launch sites. These are well-worth looking for but beware other players looking to up their firepower too.

Supply Drops

Airdrops of supply crates are no joke, and going for them once they've been dropped is a risky endeavor and not recommended for newer players.

The rate at which supply drops happen depends on the server host or whether someone's really trying to get one via using supply signals. Normally they happen ever hour or so.

Other players will fight for these crates and the risk is immense, for good reason. Some of the best gear in the game can be found in airdrop crates, and can totally turn a spawn around.

That's it for the types of loot in Rust. Check out our other Rust guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Jan. 26th 2021

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