Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Stat Growth Guide

A lovely little table to show you how your stats will grow as you level up. It even has some information on why you would want to know this.

Welcome one and all to this guide especially for stat growth in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. While there is no need to go for perfect stats in this game it does help if you want to be the most streamlined version of a character. 

Since most of your damage is actually added due to the weapons you use, you can feel free to experiment with your stats a little bit. By making use of the game's stat growth system, it's very easy to make your character a potent hybrid or a stalwart practitioner of either combat, stealth, or magic arts by simply using a particular class over a period of several levels.

It's recommended you have a class in mind you want to use exclusively once you hit level 100, and you choose your classes based on stat gains before that point. That sounds odd, but hear me out.

If you take Strider until level 10, Assassin til 50, followed by Sorcerer until 100, you have a huge pool of attack stats ready as a Mystic Knight or Magick Archer.

Stat growth is much simpler if you want to be a purely physical or pure magick build, but diversifying is worth considering. Your pawns can only do so much.

Below we're going to go over the stat growth for each class within distinct level brackets. An Arisen will gain the amount of stats listed per level.

Levels 2-10 Health Stamina Attack Defense M. Attack M. Defense
Fighter 30 20 4 3 2 2
Strider 25 25 3 3 3 2
Mage 22 20 2 3 4 3
Levels 11-100 Health Stamina Attack Defense M. Attack M. Defense
Fighter 37  15 
Strider  25 25 
Mage  21 10 
Warrior  40 10 
Ranger  21 30 
Sorcerer  16 15 
Assassin  22 27 
Magick Archer 21  20 
Mystic Knight  30 20 
Levels 101-200 Health Stamina Attack Defense M. Attack M. Defense
Fighter  15
Strider  5 15 
Mage  10 10 
Warrior  5 15 
Ranger  5 15 
Sorcerer  10 10 
Assassin  5 15 
Magick Archer  10 10   1
Mystic Knight  15


There you have it -- stat growth across the board for every class in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. You can now go forth and prove yourself, Arisen!


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Published Apr. 26th 2019

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