Humble Bundle Wrap-up: 10/16/15

This week the Humble Bundle is chock-full of remastered classics and Resident Evil delights.

I started this Humble Bundle Wrap Up a bit late last time, but now it's time to get back on track with this week's Humble Bundles.

If you don't already know, Humble Bundle is a wonderful site where there are weekly bundles of mostly indie (sometimes AAA) games for any price. What's the catch? Absolutely none - it all goes to charity.  You can pick exactly where your money goes: either all to the charity, the developers, a Humble Bundle tip, or a little bit of each.

Humble Bundle - Capcom Bundle

This week we have a generous offering from Capcom, chock-full of remastered classics and Resident Evil delights:


A remake of a classic Japanese arcade game, Strider is the definition of a hack-and-slash adventure. I'll be frank: I'm a bit skeptical about modern side-scrolling arcade games on the PC. Fortunately, Strider surpasses my cynical expectations each time I boot it up. Boasting stylish movement, enticing visuals, and challenging but rewarding gameplay, this Capcom classic deserves a spot in your Steam library.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Oh boy, another remake of an outstanding Capcom arcade game! Although it tacks on similar improvements, Bionic Commando: Rearmed plays more true to its arcade predecessor than Strider. If you want to discover what made the grappling hook one of the best items in video game history, then Rearmed should be your first stop if you've yet to experience such awesomeness.

Resident Evil 5

Sometimes regarded as the last "true" Resident Evil game, RE5 is a solid and refined survival horror experience. If you enjoyed the changes made in the series with 2005's Resident Evil 4, or if you have yet to try out the series so far, this is certainly the perfect version to start with.

Resident Evil Revelations

As yesterday's game series move forward to today, their core designs must adapt to a rapidly evolving medium. Resident Evil has made some polarizing decisions with its hallmark survival horror gameplay in recent years, but that doesn't mean they don't contain worthwhile experiences. Trading the usual slow and methodical combat for a fast-paced arcade experience, the Revelations series offers a very different kind of zombie-killing gameplay compared to past Resident Evil games.

The bundle also includes the sequel, Resident Evil Revelations 2, which is more of the same in an episodic format.

DmC: Devil May Cry

Pitched as a re-telling of the Devil May Cry series, DmC: Devil May Cry is a wonderful action-adventure with superbly paced combat and a well constructed narrative. Since it introduces an alternate story-line for the series, you don't need to know anything about the previous entrants - other than that they helped pioneer the stylish hack-and-slash genre.

Weekly Bundle - Valentine's Day 2

Did you know Valentine's day is only 121 days away? Get in the mood with some quirky visual novels from this week's bundle:

Hatoful Boyfriend

Easily the greatest Pigeon dating simulator out there, Hatoful Boyfriend is an expertly crafted parody of Japanese dating sims. I feel slightly ashamed that this is the only highlight I could come up with in this bundle, as it's not exactly the most serious adventure, but it will likely bring you to tears throughout its ridiculous story.

Valentine's Day 2 Love Pants

Pay $35 dollars or more and you could receive a rad pair of....Love Pants!

Y'know, if you're into that sort of thing...

Those are the highlights for this time! If any of these games interest you, or maybe they've been on your Steam wishlist for months waiting for a sale, take advantage of this opportunity to pick these bundles up for a good price and donate to charity at the same time! Click here to visit the Humble Bundle website.


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Published Oct. 17th 2015
  • Ciaran Brennan
    Resident Evil 4 was just added to the bundle! Hopefully the Steam port is better than the physical retail copy I purchased all those years ago.

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