7 New Furniture Series Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs

Volcano Furniture

We’ve got ice furniture already, and volcanoes and islands go together pretty well. Why not make a whole set themed around it? The wall and flooring for this one are pretty obvious — dark sky with lava plumes for the wall and a big crater for the floor.

A slab of basalt could serve as your bed, with a lamp made from sprays of lava (lava lamp… haha). Wall decorations might consist of something like an ash cloud that flashes with lightning when you interact with it or a mobile made of pumice stones. Speaking of pumice, there’s a lot of it about in most eruptions, so it would work well as a table. There should definitely be a volcano stove just for the irony of it too.

We could settle at just using stone or whatever for the chairs and benches, but that’d be boring. Cracked rock with streaks of magma showing through would be much more interesting.

You could make this your upstairs room too, with the jungle down below, so it turns into your own little island disaster just waiting to happen. 

Published Jan. 24th 2020

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