The 2DS Isn't for You: Why Your Complaints About the 2DS are Totally Irrelevant

Quit hating, the 2DS just isn't for you. Seriously, chillax.

Nintendo, current ruler of all things handheld, recently announced yet another variant of its DS system, the 2DS. It's a chunky, wedge shapped, non-folding,  non-3D, 3DS!

Does that confuse you? That's okay.

It's not for you.

Seriously. If you already have a 3DS or 3DS XL Nintendo isn't expecting you to replace it with this thing.

So without further ado, I will counter every complaint I've heard about the 2DS so far.


"It's big and bulky!"

Look left, look right. If the left option seems compeltely unappealing under any circumstances, you are: A) Not under the age of 8 B) Not a parent or C) Completely unable to use reason.


The 2DS is meant as an introductory system for young gamers. It's never too early to start an addiction! Small children don't always have the motor skills for a smaller system.


"It's a stripped down barely functional DS"

My money's on the mono sound being a stroke of genius designed to encourage young'uns to wear headphones.

Quit complaining that it's the bare minimum of functionality. Nintendo has confirmed that the 2DS will have all the same features as the 3DS sans the 3D and stereo speakers.

Why is that a good thing? Read the caption, then get in your SUV to take a trip to grandmas. but first hand your 6 year old a 2DS and a set of unplugged headphones. The brilliance of the mono sound move will dawn upon you.


"It's ugly and chunktacular, it'll never fit in my pocket!"

The 2DS is flat and chunky for a reason.

It's meant for younger gamers and/or mega klutzes. The hinge is one of the first things to break on all the other DS models.

The hinge breaks first... Followed shortly thereafter by your heart.

In theory the 2DS is now more durable because it has eliminated the weakest portion of the 3DS design: hinges. Honestly Nintendo? I for one can't believe that it's taken you this long to get back to a slate/tablet/brick form factor.


"It's not even that much cheaper"

Mr. Jackson and his buddy Andrew beg to differ.

The 2DS is cheap compared to its big brothers. Retailing at $129.99 USD it's significantly cheaper than the other 3DS models who start at $169.99. This is  great if you are:

A) Broke

B) Not willing to shell out a lot of cash for a console for your kids that will inevitably break and/or and/or lose and/or throw it around.


So quit complaining that the 2DS sucks.

It doesn't make you sound clever, it makes you sound shortsighted. If you already have a 3DS why do you even care about it?



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Published Sep. 6th 2013
  • Josiah Araki
    you forget a little somthing called craigslist ! there are 3ds' on there all the time for $80
    and for 100 it comes with a game my brother got his first 3ds for 100 dollars and it came with super mario2, pokemon black 2, and a monster hunting game that came out the week before
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    I think that the 2DS is an extremely stupid idea. Come on, Nintendo. The post is right though, why should we care? Just stick to the 3DS.
  • Chai Chien Liang
    I do agree that it is meant for kids, but I still think that design resembles a tombstone way too much for my comfort (should be interesting to see how much of these they can sell, considering the 3DS is only $40 dollars more expensive, has more features and is less bulky to carry around)
  • [[Deleted]]
    I think this is a great idea in theory and its actually a well thought out design, the wedge allows you to sit a kid at the table, allowing for optimal viewing without having to actually pick the unit up, allowing kids to use the touch screen without fear of dropping, ect.

    However... unfortunatly... theirs a ton of protector cases for the IPhone/IPod Touch that do the same thing(while protecting and spill proofing the device I might add). So although I personally think Nintendo should have done this before the 3DS.. It may still prove to be a viable alternative. Especially to those that either don't use a IPhone like myself, or don't want to put that massively overpriced device in the hands of say... a three year old, even with protection.
  • The Myrrduck
    Featured Contributor
    Thank you. This is what I've been trying to tell all my gamer friends who won't look at how this is a smart economic move on Nintendo's part to secure some holiday sales and reach out to younger gamers.

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