Top 5 Greatest Girlfriends

3. Anya Oliwa

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Finally, BJ Blaskowitz meets a girl who's crazy about killing Nazis as he is.

In the main game she's already pretty great: she helps out with missions, intercepts messages, and makes loud, passionate love to our hero to the embarrassment of her friends. All admirable qualities as a supporting character.

But then we hear her collectible diaries, and we learn that before the events of the game she waged a one-woman war on the Nazis that makes Inglorious Basterds look tame. Entry after entry about cartoonishly violent Nazi murder, from running them over with her car to feeding them cyanide sausages. She is a walking Tarantino movie. Listen to them here: you will either be disturbed or, if you're like BJ, extremely aroused. They're perfect for each other.

Published Jul. 14th 2015

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