The Best Rick and Morty Mods For All Your Favorite Games

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When it seemed like season 3 would never arrive and was lost somewhere out in the multiverse, the fires of Rick And Morty mania were re-stoked on April Fools.

The crazy folks from Adult Swim decided to play the upcoming first episode on loop for 24 hours with the message "there, you can now stop bugging us" prominently displayed at the bottom. As I predicted back when the Pocket Mortys winter update arrived, we saw several new Mortys from the game appear on the show (did everybody catch Hammer Morty meeting his demise?).

The rest of the season won't arrive until this summer, but you don't have to wait that long for a super schwifty fix of new darkly humorous sci-fi shenanigans. 

Various characters and voices from the show have collided with a wide range of games thanks to the glorious modding community, and today we're rounding up the best of 'em currently available. And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go...

Published Apr. 18th 2017

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